In an effort to continually improve our offer, “MOS” DOO company, periodically is renewing stock of equipment available for rent. Therefore older ex. rental equipment is offered at very affordable prices. The equipment is sold as seen and is not subject to warranty. Prices are several times below the price of the new product.
We currently have to offer:

- Scanners MARTIN 1220 xrst, lamp 1200w MSRorHSR

- Moving head MARTIN MAC 500, cased in pair 2000.-e
- Moving head ROBE 575 Wash or Spot, cased in pair 2800.-e
- Roof and ground support 13x10x8m + PA wings with 2
canopies. Towers 30x30cm, main grid 50x60cm

- Complete PA system, small format line array, loaded with Electro-Voice components.

- DH-1A 8ohm + horn HP64 or HP94

- 10" DL 10X + horn for 10" driver 60x40

-Martin F2 clon loaded with 2x SX JBL 2226 15"

-Rx 118s 1x18" EVX 180B

Active Crossover:
- EV Dx 38

- Crest Ca series Ca4, Ca6, Ca12.

Please call for
a quote.